SEA TO SHINING SEA: A small Dogfish world

We met Marion and Paul Nemia in front of the chamber of commerce office in downtown Cannon Beach. That's Marion on the right. BY DENNIS FORNEY
May 16, 2013

We rode 30 miles the first day, ending in Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast. Astoria to Cannon Beach. Highway 101 southbound gave us a taste of some challenging hills.  These are mountains by Sussex standards but we know there are real mountains ahead. Breathe in, breathe out. Zen.  Anywhere from three to five miles per hour going up, 25 to 30 coming back down.  Trudge up. Exhiliration down.  Rolling fast down the hill with just the sound of the wind rushing by your ears.

On our first day we averaged 8.9 miles per hour.  Not the 10 we want but with 50 pounds of gear on the bikes not bad. In all we rode uphill 1,926 feet.

In downtown Cannon Beach Becky spoke with a man and his brother, Marion and Paul Nemia.  When she said we are from Delaware, Marion's face lit up.

"That's where my daughter lives.  She's married to Tim Hawn, head brewmaster for Dogfish Head.  Tim and Angie Hawn."

So there's the small world moment of the day.  Paul was visiting from Houston.  Marion lives in Spanaway, Washington.  Seeing the sights along the northwest coast.

So far the northwest has lived up to its reputation.  It's rained every day but one.

FOOD NOTE: For my cousin Judi, a food columnist in Delaware for more than 30 years.  Last night in Garibaldi, Oregon we ate clam strips made with razor clams. Bigger than the clam strips we're used to.  We have razor clams along the Delmarva coast.  Wonder why we don't eat them?  A ton of meat in a razor clam.

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