Tips for Finding a Great Real Estate Agent (Part I)

May 20, 2013

Once you are ready to either rent or buy a piece of property you will most likely need to work with a real estate agent. Like in any industry there are great real estate agents and not so great agents. Here are some tips on what to look for to find a great real estate agent for Rehoboth Beach real estate and Lewes real estate

Experience: You’ve heard the phrase when it comes to real estate, “Location, location, location”? Well when it comes to real estate agents the phrase becomes, “Experience, experience, experience”. A real estate agent with experience will make your search for your new home or rental property much easier for the simple reason that he or she has done it so many times in the past. This gives you, as the buyer or renter, a real advantage.

So, as you begin contacting real estate agents some of the questions you will want answers to are:

  • The length of time they have worked in real estate?
  • Are they holding a current license for being a professional real estate agent?
  • What kind of sales volume did they, or their firm, have in the past year or two?
  • How large their current client list is?
  • What kinds of training or special courses have they or their team successfully completed?

Skill Set: Another thing to consider is the skill set of the real estate agent. Some things to ask about are:

  • The agent’s knowledge administrative details which are part of all real estate contracts.
  • Their knowledge of such things as such as rental agreements, deeds, property valuations, and home inspections
  • Does your agent keep up to date with the changes in real estate law and technology?

Knowledge of the Local Market: Most likely you are looking for either a new home, or a rental property in a certain area or neighborhood. Critical for you in this endeavor is a real estate agent who is knowledgeable in those areas. For example, if you are looking for homes for sale in Rehoboth Beach or homes for sale in Lewes, you want an agent that knows those specific areas. Because of this knowledge, a great real estate agent will have first-hand knowledge all of the local schools, parks, beaches, etc., which in turn will give you better insight into the area you have chosen to live or visit.

Honesty and Integrity: These two qualities are critical components when selecting your real estate agent – but they are hard to discern without meeting the agent in person. So be sure that when you meet with your list of potential real estate agents you pay attention not only to their experience and skill levels, but also to the way they make you feel and their personality. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the agent, both on a skill level and on a personal level. For example, when interviewing the agent, if he or she seems evasive to you when answering your questions, this could be a warning sign.

Following these tips could go a long distance when finding the right real estate agent for you.

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