SEA TO SHINING SEA: With Vicki in Eugene

May 22, 2013

DAY 8 - Lots of rain today and they say it's snowing up in the Cascades where we're heading in a few days.  We'll stop at Bill's house for a visit along the way.  Bill and I went to school together many decades ago.

Today we holed up again.  This time in the Timbers Motel just a few blocks from the University of Oregon campus. We planned to get together with Vicki for dinner.  Vicki used to live in Lewes and Rehoboth before she moved west.  Now she lives in Eugene in the summer and Key West in the winter.  In both places she sells her hand-painted clothing and tiles.

She's watched Beast of the Southern Wilds 12 times and says it's the best movie she has seen in 10 years.  I agree with Vicki - it's an awesome story about a part of America that few people know exists.

Before we met up for an Indian dinner at the Evergreen, Becky and I walked through the heart of the U of O campus.  Full of rain, shimmering and so lush, the big specimen trees, stately and dignified, humbled me as I craned my neck toward them in admiration. I swear the air is so oxygenated it made my lungs smile and made my brain feel almost as smart as if I was wearing horn-rimmed glasses.

Just six miles today.  Slackers.  Averaged 8.9 mph.  276 feet of ascent.  Total now is up to 244 miles.  Calling for more rain tomorrow.  Rain and cold.  It's getting past mid-May for God's sake. Vicki says Eugene has a 10-month growing season.  She started planting vegetable seeds Jan. 10.  Peas up to her waist now.  She also recommends a fusion band called Delhi to Dublin. Wide-ranging conversation. Lots of positive.

Here are a few pictures from University of Oregon.  You all be good and remember that God loves you.

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