Lopez and Smyk not 'one trick ponies'

May 30, 2013

Over the last few weeks we have seen several letters which criticize votes cast by Sen. Ernie Lopez and Rep. Steve Smyk on what most would consider "special interest" legislation. To publicly castigate these legislators, which we acknowledge they have every right to do, also leads one to believe that those critics have a very narrow and selfish view of the world around them. How quickly they forget that it was barely two years ago when the whole country was complaining that our politicians were under the thumbs of special interests, had personal power agendas, neglected inherently important issues like the economy, job creation, a clean environment, etc. Yes, they paid lip service to all those matters on the campaign trail, but went right back after the election to the same-old-same-old partisan bickering and jockeying for power, both in Washington and Dover.

Now we are being held hostage by political agendas which involve foreign relations snafus, intrusive federal government agencies and the imminent imposition of additional and mandatory tax burdens, both personal and corporate, for a slick national healthcare program which a majority of Americans did not want in the first place. It is also evident that the majority of legislators in Dover act in lock-step with Washington, regardless of what their constituents want and need.

However, we voters in the districts which Sen. Lopez and Rep. Smyk represent are uniquely fortunate that we got exactly what we wanted: two men who are honest, sincere, trustworthy and act with integrity. They represent all of their constituents, not just a small percentage of agenda-driven small people, some being outsiders who couldn't even vote for them, but want to continue stirring the pot. We worked very long and hard to get these men elected and saw firsthand the high jinks that special interest groups were willing to go to defeat them. We are also convinced that there will be some votes cast by these men which we personally will disagree with, but that's the reality of the balancing act they have been elected to confront. Thank God they're not "one-trick ponies," but thoughtful and clear-headed men who see the big picture.

So, check your legal guns at the door, go get married, raise your families and pay your taxes, but be sure to stay equally vigilant when the inevitable legislation comes up for their votes to create opportunities for jobs in the private sector, not the state (the largest employer), clean water and air, educate your children, maintain your property values, put reasonably-priced gas in your cars so you can drive on safe roads and bridges, light and heat your homes without sacrificing your comfort, safeguard your families from criminals who actually serve jail terms for their crimes instead of the current revolving door prosecutions which allow them right back into your neighborhood, and the list goes on.

Ernie and Steve can take your criticisms and welcome advice from constituents who offer it in a good faith manner. Start appreciating our good fortune to have this new breed of legislators representing us in Dover and put your special interests on the back burner. Why not redirect your energies to consider our future and general wellbeing, stop carping about issues that have already been addressed, and use your common sense to elect more of Ernies/Ernestines and Steves/Stephanies!

Bob and Priscilla Clark


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