Selling out the people of Delaware

June 1, 2013

The State of Delaware needs to be more self-sufficient instead of relying on the federal government for funding, grants and handouts. We the People throughout Delaware need an administration that is strong, self-reliant and has leadership qualities, not following qualities that are displayed with the current administration. The feds want to dictate what the states are going to do after they receive federal funding, example Common Core.


If any federal funding comes with strings attached, don't take it. Pick and choose your battles; don’t sacrifice your principles for every dime the feds want to throw at your door step. Kind of resembles another activity when you sell your soul.


The state needs to work within itself (cooperation with the parents, teachers and administrators) in each school district to create an educational system that benefits Delawareans, not what the feds and the rest of the country is doing. Just because something may work in another state (different dynamics) somewhere else doesn't mean it’s going to work here.


We vote for school boards candidates and hire administrators within their districts to be leaders, creating sound solutions based upon our Christian values, that is what has made us great. If we wanted followers, with what is attempting to be established with Common Core, we as a society would have just rolled over and played dead.


Being a leader is what our Founding Fathers did 237 years ago, establishing a new way of life, creating sound solutions with documents such as the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and The Bill of Rights, based upon their Christian values and beliefs for generations to follow. Leadership qualities is the only reason we the people are a great nation of today. By allowing the feds to dictate what the states are to do ( example - Common Core) our state administration is demonstrating that it is a follower and not a leader, therefore not worthy of its representation of its people and uncharacteristic of our founding fathers principles.


Restore patriotism, principles and prosperity within the state of Delaware education system as well as the state's executive, legislative and judicial branches. Creating sound solutions instead of lame legislation is a leader instead of a follower. Leaders show passion, energy, excitement and enthusiasm. Followers show laziness. We want our schools educating our youths to be leaders not followers. Restore the basic core values - integrity, respect, discipline, Christian foundation and love of our country.


Lacey Lafferty



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