Is same-sex marriage opening up other issues?

May 30, 2013

I am surprised at the recent public criticism of Sen. Ernie Lopez and Rep. Stephen Smyk in the Cape Gazette (May 10 and 17) by some in the gay community for not supporting the same-sex marriage bill. Usually political winners are more deferential to their opponents because you never know when their support may be needed in the future.

Maybe it's just "sore-winners" syndrome. Although, maybe the winners' label is a bit pre-mature, even if the tide may be in their favor for now.

A report in the New York Times Nov. 7, 2012, by Erik Eckholm says that, "While six states (eight now?) and the District of Columbia have legalized same-sex marriage through court decisions or legislative decisions, voters had rejected it more than 30 times in a row." So, even with wins in blue states Maryland, Maine and Washington, the record is still four wins, 30-plus losses on state ballots.

Nevertheless, I think the real question is, What comes next here? If California is a model, storm clouds could form.

According to Drew Zahn, World Net Daily, May 10 (, "The California State Assembly passed a bill Thursday mandating schools permit boys to play on girls’ athletic teams and utilize the ladies’ locker room if they gender identify as girls - or vice-versa for girls identifying as boys."

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, a gay, Democrat assemblyman, authored the bill and "told the Los Angeles Times, some parents may be uncomfortable with their children sharing bathrooms with students of a different sex," but he said, 'It’s also important to protect our children from prejudice.”

If that legislation is attempted in Delaware, the LGBT community and Democrat legislators may not be playing a winning hand.

Geary Foertsch
Rehoboth Beach

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