SEA TO SHINING SEA: Buttes and central Oregon beauty

Buttes rise up out of the desert like flat-topped other worlds.  You can't help but wonder what's on top in that fringe of trees.
May 27, 2013

DAY 13 - Started in Sisters, ended in Prineville. Work day so we checked in to City Center Motel.  Clean and cheap.  $55 including tax. Oregon has no sales tax, like Delaware, and you can't pump your own gas here, like New Jersey.  I heard that in Jersey it came about because of race riots and Molotov cocktails.  In Oregon they say it's about jobs.

We did 46 miles today.  Rolly with a tail wind. Averaged 11.4 over about four hours of riding. 1,411 feet of total ascent.

It was raining in Sisters when we pulled out at about 0730.  The rain seems to follow us.  By Prineville - county seat of Crook County - the sun had come out and we were seeing beautiful buttes and huge puffy clouds.  Western clouds.  Less humidity clouds.

On to Mitchell tomorrow with Ochoco Pass in between.  We'll get an early start.  Break camp by about 0700.

PS - Saw about four redtail hawks today and a couple of sparrow hawks. Lady at the Black Bear Diner said not to miss the Painted Hills.

PSS - Cliff says the folk group I was probably thinking of was McKendree Spring, with a wild electric fiddle.

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