Love Creek too fragile for proposed RV city

May 31, 2013

The closing of a section of Love Creek to shellfish harvesting is a clear sign that the concerns about the adverse impact of RV city on Love Creek are real. The development site is on a narrow strip of land between Love Creek and a small feeder stream. The water table is only a few feet below the surface in some places, and contamination will have a short trip to Love Creek.

The planned campground will have a population density over four times as high as that of Webbs Landing. None of these people will have an investment in or a long-term concern for the health of Love Creek. I am sure that most of them will treat the environment the same as they would at home, but I doubt they will all have the same concern as homeowners.

Even with the best of care, too high a population density along the shores of Love Creek will add to the problems that resulted in the closing of a section of shellfish harvesting. Putting a high density campground where, for all practical purposes, it is right in the middle of Love Creek, is not a good idea.

Bill Lounsbury

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