Asking legislators to back SB 33

May 31, 2013

Years ago I can remember going to a restaurant and being offered a "fine French wine" to start my meal. The charm of a fancy French anything had a certain charm to it and more often than not, I was sold. This pre-selling by given a product a fancy label is also what is happening in the General Assembly as a means of pre-selling a piece of legislation that is otherwise unattractive.

I refer to a new effort to use a “Florida-type” rent law to be used in the manufactured home lease rent issue. Unfortunately for those who are advocating it, there is already a “Made in Delaware” bill, SB 33, which doesn’t need a fancy label and does a better job at solving an old problem. Senators Bushweller and Ennis along with Rep. Paul Baumbach have a great bill that those in Florida may want to copy.

Please urge your state legislators to back SB 33 - a good, homegown bill to govern rent justification for leased land homes sites.

Peter Couming


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