Legislators urged to support HB 33 and RTA

June 2, 2013

I read with interest and concern the article regarding the lawsuit that has been filed by certain parties against the RTA. Records show that all proper procedures were done. We all know that this is a desperate attempt on the part of some community owners to kill or damage the current rent justification bill, SB 33. Please don’t let them get away with it. If they truly believed that illegal activities were occurring why didn’t they pursue it years ago - why wait until the home owners have a good bill, fair and reasonable to both sides, and all of a sudden muddy the waters.

Strangely enough this lawsuit came forth May 7 immediately following the meeting of the Joint Sunset Committee where the legislators decided to extend the life of the RTA for at least five more years. A coincidence - certainly not. This was pure theatrics as was Reybold owner Jerome Heisler’s presentation of copies of the lawsuit along with copies of a new counter bill that he was proposing at the Senate Small Business Committee Meeting regarding SB 33 on May 8.

All of this hullabaloo is just a case of smoke and mirrors to prevent the passage of SB 33. This bill is an equalizer for people who own manufactured homes in leased land communities. It balances the rights of both sides to allow some measure of fairness back in to this unique business partnership. And it is just that - a partnership. Land owners created that situation by inviting us to put our homes on their land. No one disputes that they are entitled to make a reasonable profit. What they should not be entitled to is the “taking” of our homes by being permitted to increase rents by any amount each year.

I ask the legislators and the citizens of Delaware to please do the right thing - support SB 33 and the RTA!

Bobbie Hemmerich

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