More concerns raised about RV city

June 7, 2013

My husband and I would like to express our concerns and opposition to the proposed Love Creek RV Resort and Campground project. We have been intently watching the developments. As an owner of a small business establishment, I have also been listening to my patrons. As facts have been become more visible, I have observed that an overwhelming majority have grown from lack of awareness to opposition. Almost every day a concerned client asks me if there are updates.

Our concerns have been echoed by many of my patrons. Severe congestion of traffic is not only a quality of life issue, but also a safety issue. They are concerned about their ability to enter into and out of my salon on a regular basis, but even more during peak summer months when this RV park will operate. I fear for the safety of my patrons, many who are senior citizens. Traffic on Route 24 is getting worse, not better. There was one car accident when a young man passed out, ricocheted off my tree and crashed into my car. If my car was not in the driveway, this out of control vehicle would have driven right into my manicure room where two guests were getting manicures. Adding RVs and more traffic increases the danger.

Traffic safety is not the only issue. I am also concerned about the impact on sensitive Love Creek and surrounding area. I fear that visitors will be less caring than full time residents and excessive pollution/noise will be the result. Just like the Indian in that vintage commercial, I can envision teardrops in residents' eyes as they see garbage floating in Love Creek from such a large influx of transients or hear of further pollution issues like the recent closing to shell fishing. We personally have experienced vandalism, robberies and drunken people on our property. A city of 628 RV sites (potentially 2,500 people) adjacent to Love Creek adds risk to the environment and nearby residents.

Also, an RV park is not suitable for a residential area and raises concerns about property devaluation. We feel that the recent growth of low density housing in this area has been a benefit to our business (new, full time customers) plus they provide the county with tax revenues to support the infrastructure and local services.

We have heard from patrons that this RV park is a done deal as the Lingo/Townsend group is very influential. We hope not, and trust that our public officials will realize that this area's infrastructure and environment cannot handle a dense RV city of 628 sites and up to 2,500 visitors, and that our residents' safety is a significant issue.

Marianne and Arlin Berlinger



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