Improve Appearance of Unsightly Spider Veins, Appointments Available this Saturday Only, Free Cosmetic Consult with Spider Vein Treatment

- Private group -
June 11, 2013

Spider veins are small purple to red blood vessels primarily visible on the lower extremities but can occasionally appear on the face.  The cause is unknown but heredity plays a strong role in the development of this condition as well as living an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle.

At the Swier Clinic a laser will be used by Dr. Swier to treat the desired area.  Benefits include:

  • No downtime – patients are advised to refrain from vigorous activities for the first 24- hours following treatment but can immediately resume work and all normal activities.
  • Little discomfort.
  • Excellent overall improvement in appearance.

Spider Veins should not be confused with Varicose Veins.  Varicose Veins are usually larger, a deeper purple in color and tend to bulge causing leg discomfort.  This condition cannot be treated the same way Spider Veins are treated.

Appointments for Spider Vein treatment are available this Saturday, June 15 only.  Space is limited so call today.  If you are interested in other cosmetic procedures, the Swier Clinic is offering a free cosmetic consultation if you are a patient receiving treatment for Spider Veins on Saturday, June 15.  To make an appointment and discuss prices of treatment, which vary depending on size of area to be treated, call 302-645-7737.

If you have any questions regarding laser treatment of Spider Veins or other cosmetic procedures offered by the Swier Clinic please contact our cosmetic consultant Mandie by email, or phone, 302-645-7737.