Buy the house... Not the Hype.

- Private group -
June 14, 2013

My mother always said, "you get what you pay for."

Well... Maybe.  When it comes to purchasing a new home, that might not always be true. I recently sat at a settlement where a new Capstone Homes homeowner was completing the purchase of a new home, and they asked me, "where are all the Capstone Homes billboards?"

My answer was a little shocking to them.  I said, "not in the price of your house." A strange way to answer a simple question, but it shows one of the ways that Capstone Homes is a different company.

It's this simple: any business makes money from the product it sells.  The amount of money it makes is what is left after all of the company's expenses are paid.

What does that mean to someone looking for a Delaware new home? Well, every dollar a builder spends is factored into the cost of the home they sell- YOUR NEW HOME.  That includes billboards.

If you drive south on Rt. 1, you will see SIX different builders who have billboards from the time you drive over the Nassau bridge until you hit the five points intersection.  That is a distance of about 3/4 of a mile.

There isn't a Capstone Homes billboard among them.

We don't have many billboards (we currently have two). At Capstone Homes, we try to keep our marketing costs very low.  This way we are able to provide a better home for our clients at a lower price.

We spend less on marketing, and we spend more on things like kitchen cabinets and HVAC equipment.

So, you might not be that impressed with OUR marketing.  You will be impressed with YOUR standard maple cabinet- which is a full overlay front, dovetail drawer and plywood box cabinet.  No other builder in our price range even comes close.

You'll also be impressed with YOUR Bryant heating and air system. We don't use brands like York, Goodman or Amana.  These systems are poorly rated by consumer reports. Bryant is a top rated system. This is all a part of Capstone Homes' EnergySmart program.  We focus on cost of ownership. No one else does.

It's your choice... you can buy a billboard, or you can buy a better home for less money.