'The Life of Lacey Lynn - My Beating Heart, Vol. 1' shares story of girl's medical challenges

Children's book will be released July 1
June 18, 2013

Author Lacey Lafferty has written a picture book aimed at inspiring parents and children going through medical issues to persevere through life's roadblocks and challenges. In the book, Lacey Lynn is an average little girl who has been very physically active throughout her life. She has always been able to skip, jump or run. She always feels good about herself. But little does she know there's a problem with her heart.

Lafferty's "The Life of Lacey Lynn - My Beating Heart, Volume 1," illustrated by Brian Allen, is a colorful children’s book dedicated to her daughter Lacey Lynn, who was born with a life-threatening problem, a hole in the heart, which her mom did not tell her about and which the doctors though she might outgrow.

As the story unfolds, years go by and her checkups seem to be OK until one day she finds out her heart problems must be corrected and she needs to undergo an open-heart surgery to be performed at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. How will Lacey Lynn respond to her surgery? Will she be able to skip, jump, run and do her physical activities all over again?

Author Lafferty was born and raised in Lewes and now resides in Laurel with her 8-year-old daughter, Lacey Lynn Lafferty.  She retired from the Delaware State Police in 2008, where she had  spent her entire career on patrol, gaining the knowledge, experience and wisdom that would lead her into an effective career as a problem solver. She received the Delaware State Police Excellence Performance Award presented by Delaware Gov. Ruth Ann Minner in 2007. After retirement, Lafferty began writing books such as "Delaware Horse Racing" published by Arcadia Publishing and "Messages from a Mother" published by Authorhouse Publishing.  Lafferty has released three books in one year besides launching a Delaware gubernatorial campaign for 2016.

Brian Allen is a freelance illustrator working out of his studio in Bellefonte, Pa. He draws inspiration and support from his wife Lesha and his two children and apprentices, Michael and Isabella. To view more of Brian’s works, visit

"The Life of Lacey Lynn - My Beating Heart, Vol. 1" is published by Xlibris Publishing and sold at Barnes & Noble,,,, and