Volleyball and cross country heading toward middle schools

June 21, 2013
James Gandolfini died suddenly of a heart attack at age 51. The Tony Soprano star was known for wild weight fluctuations. BY WWW.CELEBITCHY.COM

Day trippers - I’m sometimes out after dark but rarely go out at night anymore. I tell my friends from the running community that I live an upside social lifestyle, sleep at night and prowl in the morning. Ironically, I belong to the running community. I’m a full-fledged, accepted member, the only difference being they all run and I don’t. You know the difference between a tripper and a poser? Trippers talk too much, hyping a resumé thinner than an obsessive on a treadmill, while posers just knock about wearing wife beaters even though they were cut by a junior high football team 20 to 50 years earlier.

Can’t trust this? - I don’t believe sporting events are fixed or predetermined, but when they are it usually involves the sport of basketball or, in Pakistan, cricket. Game six of the NBA playoffs saw the Spurs get housed by referee "no calls" coming down the stretch, and it cost San Antonio a championship. I don’t care who wins the NBA championship, only who loses. I just want to bask in the moment when Miami and the entire South Beach culture go into an instant group depression. And I like James, Wade and Bosh - they are all smart guys, all home grown, none of them ever into bad or stupid behaviors. I just enjoy watching them lose. It has something to do with how they were marketed when that team was first put together. I Googled “smacked behind” and expected to get a picture of the big three but instead got 500 Beyonce articles.

Talk about the passion - I am all about encouraging people to pursue their passion, which often involves other people's money at some level. “You want to go back and get a PhD, Gramps, but you’re on a fixed income. How are you going to do that? Scholarships and loans and grants from your children that don’t have to be paid back, is that what you said? Now that’s funny.“ The Cape athletic committee will propose adding the sports volleyball and cross country to the array of middle school sports offerings beginning next fall. There is a pent-up need to offer a fall sport for women other than field hockey, and lots of middle school girls have shown an interest to play volleyball. I have no idea how many middle school kids will sign up for cross country, maybe 50, maybe 5, but give it a chance and see what happens.

Mid Atlantic Field Hockey - The 36th Mid Atlantic Field Hockey Camp will run sessions at Cape Henlopen State Park July 21-25 and July 25-Aug. 1. Individuals and teams are welcome, both residential and commuter. Information and contact emails are and The following Delaware schools will have representation during both sessions: Caravel, Dover Central, St. Georges, Tatnall, Wilmington Friends, Millsboro Middle School, Newark Charter, Beacon Middle School, Conrad School of Science, Gunston, Mariner Middle School, MOT Charter, Smyrna, St. Anne’s Episcopal and W.T. Chipman Middle School. This a great camp. I’ve been to it many summers over the last 36 years. They don’t call me Mr. Field Hockey for nothing.

Snippets - The Blue Gold All-Star football game is Saturday, June 22, at the University of Delaware with kickoff at 7 p.m. The 1963 teams and participants will be honored at the game. Local Joe Lobiondo, an Archmere alumnus, played in the 1963 game as a member of the Blue Squad. Cape will be represented in this year's game by cheerleaders Alexis Maull and Hollie Wartman and players Jeremiah Cohen and Diaz Nardo. James Booth and Travis Caraway are players from Sussex Central. Marshall Brown is the player from Sussex Tech. Stretch and strengthen all muscles in training if you’re an athlete looking to prevent injury; if not an athlete, skip the stretching part; just pump up and walk around in a beater shirt.

I am the emcee who works for free and is overpriced. Last Wednesday night was my fifth straight state championship lacrosse banquet. Think of it, though, two granddaughters on the team. They look up and someone has handed their grandfather a microphone. A frightening thought, but here in the seaside village, just another Muppet moment.

James Gandolfini, 51, the actor who played Tony Soprano, died of an apparent heart attack, so now millions of strong overweight aging alpha males will begin to walk the dog on the latest yo-yo diet. But like the last donut on Sunday morning, it won’t last.  

Go on now, git!