Communication Breakdown

- Private group -
June 20, 2013

Wellness is more than just eating the right salad, achieving the right angle on your downward dog or even taking the purest fish oil. Although all of those will help tremendously, they will all be less effective if there is an inability in the body to properly integrate them due to a lack of nervous system communication. Communication within the body is the most important aspect of wellness.

ChiropractorInterference to the body’s natural internal communication is created by physical trauma ( accidents to bad ergonomics), chemical trauma (bad foods, alcohols, drugs) and emotional (stress!! and we all have that) trauma. These traumas will affect the alignment of the spine and move bones out of place (subluxation), which will cause nerve irritation causing dysfunction.

For example, if the nerve that goes to the heart has a spinal bone pressuring it, when the brain tries to send the heart info, the message will not be received properly, leading to something like high blood pressure; which is usually treated with  medication.  The meds are really only for the symptoms not for the CAUSE. There is no pill in the world that will take a hard bone off a soft nerve. Simply put…hard bone, on a soft nerve is no good, because the communication to and from the brain is diminished.


The big question is how can we correct the problem of communication breakdown? By addressing the cause! Realigning the spine so the irritated nerves can begin to heal and communicate properly. And what’s the most effective way of doing this? Chiropractic. The purpose of Chiropractic is to restore communication within the body, so it can do what it was created to do and thrive.


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