St. Peter's 47th Art Show to sponsor Back 2 the Tap water conservation effort

July 6 event will feature regional artists and artisans
June 22, 2013

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church will welcome artists, artisans, visitors, friends and families Saturday, July 6, to be part of its 47th annual Art Show in Lewes, and this year a new element will be added.

Last July, the parish’s environmental committee showed the film "FLOW" ("For Love of Water"), and one of the issues participants learned about was the growth of the bottled water industry in the last 30-plus years and the effect it has had on the world.

Globally, some 53 billion gallons of bottled water are consumed annually, creating a $63 billion industry. One the most peculiar facts is that 40 percent of this bottled water is actually taken from municipal water sources - it's tap water. And in fact, far less testing is done on bottled water than on tap water.

Also, even though most major cities in America have made recycling available, only one in five water bottles ever gets recycled. Instead, four go to the trash dump to create about 3 billion pounds of waste.

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The Environmental Committee at St. Peter's will sponsor Back 2 the Tap, a bring your own container event, and offer free City of Lewes water to anyone who wants it. There will also be 21-ounce recycled, BPA-free, reusable bottles available for $1, with free refills throughout the day.

There will also be commercially bottled water for sale at $1 for a 16.9-ounce bottle. For more information on Lewes water go to and click Water Quality Report.