Top 5 FAQ’s – Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck), Saturday Appointments Available

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January 24, 2014

1)   Can exercise tighten loose skin without abdominoplasty?

Unfortunately, exercise cannot tighten this loose skin.  Although exercise is good for the mind and body, can tone muscles and increase metabolism assisting in weight loss it cannot tighten loose abdominal skin.  To date, only surgery can accomplish that.

2)   Is abdominoplasty a good way to loose weight?

No, this procedure is not a good method for weight loss.  The best candidates for an abdominoplasty are those who have attained their correct body weight and still have excess skin around their abdomen that does not respond to further weight loss or exercise.

3)   Is abdominoplasty painful?

As with any type of invasive surgery abdominoplasty can be moderately painful and uncomfortable at times during recovery.  Pain levels and recovery are always individual to the patient, however, with the help of proper recovery techniques, limitation of activity and use of prescribed pain medications your recovery should be manageable.

4)   Can the problems come back after abdominoplasty?

Fat cannot come back unless one gains weight, in which all areas of the body will gain weight as well.  However, after abdominoplasty the abdominal area has a decreased capacity for additional fat as many of the fat cells have been removed.  Please keep in mind that there will still be fat cells present in the abdominal area and it is essential that you exercise routinely and follow a balanced diet to maintain your improved figure.

5)   Where are the scars after abdominoplasty?

There is almost always a low horizontal scar across the lower abdomen.  Sometimes there is also a short vertical scar above the pubic area.

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