What's Your Problem?

- Private group -
June 25, 2013

Many people begin chiropractic care because of an ache or a pain. But pain is not the problem!

Pain is a symptom. A signal. A sign. Pain is no more a problem than a traffic signal or your alarm clock announcing that it's time to start the day. If there's a problem, it's the meaning we attach to the pain.

When we meet patients who are in pain, besides being compassionate, our first thought is that they must have exceeded some physical, chemical or emotional limit to which they can no longer adapt. So, while we're interested in the pain, we're even more interested in what was the underlying cause of the pain. Plus, what should the patient do to avoid this in the future?

Do you know someone who thinks pain is a problem? Please send them our way. Because in our practice pain is never a problem!

Call us, we are here to help.  We are the only chiropractic office in downtown Rehoboth Beach, De.

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