SOUTHERN LIVING Home Available!!

June 25, 2013
The Delaware Beaches' Exclusive Southern Living Custom Builder Program Member BY THE LEWES BUILDING COMPANY

Thank you for clicking to read more about our Wellstone Place - another timeless, Southern Living custom home available in Hawkseye!  It is a beautiful week at the Delaware beaches, so while you are out and about please take a ride through Hawkseye just outside of downtown Lewes on Gills Neck Road (see map below left), and check out this spectacular home (under construction) and currently available for sale.  This home will literally look like it was taken out of the pages of Southern Living magazine!  This home is located on home site #56 in the private wooded rear section of Hawkseye, backing to nature - forever.

If you are looking to live close to in-town Lewes, Hawkseye and Wolfe Pointe, in our opinion, are the custom home neighborhoods in which to build.  We have secured the best home sites in the rear of Hawkseye, and people are responding very positively to our "neighborhood within a neighborhood".  Building a home is a huge investment of time and money and although our Wellstone Place is a very large home (just over 4,600 SF, with 6 Bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms - see it's attached flyer below), we would be happy to build you a smaller home that meets all of your goals - financial and personal. When you choose a custom Southern Living house plan designed by nationally recognized architects you are assured to get a home with a floor plan that makes sense and matches your lifestyle and accomplishes this without spending excessive amounts of time and money in the planning phase.  It is cost-effective and saves you time - but most importantly your home will look like it came out of the pages of Southern Living or Coastal Living design magazines.  We also can design and build any home, so bring your ideas and plans to us - we design with local architects to ensure your home will not have that "computer aided design" look most other builders' in-house CAD designers produce.

One of our goals at The Lewes Building Company is to add quality and lasting value to the entire community of Lewes.  Buying a home in one of the nearby production communities may seem attractive, but a custom home community with no builder tie-in adds lasting value to your investment.  The best testimonial to back up this opinion is that eleven local home building professionals have purchased home sites and/or built their own personal residences in Hawkseye.  Those in the building industry choose to buy land and build their own homes where they believe their investment will be protected.  Unless a production style home is going to be a very long term investment for you, a custom home in one of the Gills Neck Road custom home communities is a better choice.

Furthermore, some production home builders have actually compared their product with custom homes in Hawkseye, Wolfe Pointe and Wolfe Runne. This is misleading.  A savvy buyer would understand that production homes and custom homes in separate communities would most likely not be considered appropriate "comps" by appraisers and other real estate professionals.  Building a production builder's home in a custom home community may be appeal to a few, however, please keep in mind that same production builder, more than likely, will be building that same model within a mile or so of Hawkseye in the years ahead - for significantly less.

Building a limited number of quality homes per year may not be attention-grabbing, but we are confident that in years to come people will realize that The Lewes Building Company was one of only a handful of builders actively working to protect property values in the greater Lewes area, and actively protecting that special feeling that Lewes gives us all.

Check out our website,, for a few of the smartest house plans we've found, or call us at (877) 797-8522 and ask to speak with John Leebel, the owner of The Lewes Building Company, for a review of your upcoming home project or help with your lot search.

The Lewes Building Co.