Be a Hero!

- Private group -
June 26, 2013

One distinction we to make is the difference between health care and sick care. Our culture has so abused the term “health” that it’s lost its meaning.

The mainstay of many television dramas is the heroic lifesaving that takes place in hospitals, with the message that medicine saves lives. And it does.  If I break a bone skiing or develop a severe sickness, I know I will receive the BEST care for my sickness. But it is not health care.

What’s missing from these fantasies is the fact that our so-called health care system is burdened by expensive, heroic measures often used to treat disease states caused by neglect or poor lifestyle choices.

I mention this because true health care is not heroic. Unless you consider getting adjusted on a regular basis heroic! Or eating a salad instead of a burger. Or climbing the stairs rather than pressing a button. Or drinking pure water instead of a sugary drink. But if you do, you’re a hero to me!

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