Canary Creek resident opposes complex

June 28, 2013

On June 23, you ran an open letter from the Cape Henlopen Soccer Club titled “Henlopen Soccer Club implores Lewes.”

Being a homeowner in the Canary Creek subdivision, we were led to believe by the builder and the city that the land that was proffered was to remain open space. My understanding is that the Cape Henlopen Soccer Club has had some issue with other sports complex groups within the Cape Henlopen area.

As such, they are lobbying for this unneeded complex when you have Sports at the Beach and Hudson fields. Being a homeowner within the city at Canary Creek, bringing in a large soccer complex on New Road is an unwarranted intrusion on the life of city and our neighborhood.

I personally object to the tactics of the Cape Henlopen Soccer Club as they never contacted the homeowners in Canary Creek or asked for open dialogue. I fully oppose the efforts to build such a large complex within the city. Below is a letter I just sent to the city council stating my opposition:

Dear Mayor Ford and Council Members:

I have been notified that the Henlopen Soccer Club is still pushing for the 23 acres proffered to the city in the construction of Canary Creek.

I again reiterate my opposition to a full soccer complex in my backyard due to noise, traffic and limited parking availability.

New Road already has too much traffic and sandwiching Canary Creek between the University and Soccer fields is not a good use of the 23 acres.

We were led that this was to be open space.

I am amenable to a small park but not a full soccer complex.

I urge the city council to table this issue indefinitely as to not impact the City of Lewes.

Ken Sosne

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