Anderson making it up as he goes along

July 7, 2013

Daniel G. Anderson's paid advertisement, “The U. S. Senate,” (Cape Gazette 6/21-6/24) contains excellent examples of pseudo-intellectual, simplistic, illogical and incoherent thinking. Readers can think what they want about Obama, Democrats and liberals. However, before Obamacare, our “finest” (Anderson's judgement) medical system was already costing Americans twice as much for the same care as in any other first world country. I'll wait a few years before I will judge Obamacare.

Anderson knocks Dodd Frank, but does that mean he thinks all the crooks known to exist on Wall Street who caused this recent recession should go free? Anderson predicts that Dodd Frank will cause a large loss of jobs, but when will he acknowledge that China's devalued currency and our greedy-selfish CEOs already caused millions of jobs to go from this country to China since well before Obama?

Anderson then connects the collapse of the Roman Empire with “our recovery” out of the Dark Ages 600 years later, with the invention of the printing press. Anyone who has read any history should be laughing now. Anderson continued with a brag about our U. S. history of greatness, hope and faith, and standard of living after World War II and then followed that with a rant about our entitlements (for individuals), regulation (of business and banking) and ends by blaming everything else bad on Obama.

Anderson does not mention the entitlements, tax breaks, favors, subsidies, and other corporate welfare that our corporations and businesses get, too. Anderson does not mention all the corporate crime that takes place (see the chapters on white collar crime in any college textbook on criminology) and hurts employees, customers and citizens in general. Anderson complains about how much money our government “prints" but do you realize that when corporations “print” stock shares and corporate bonds, they are doing the same thing?

Anderson then complains about all this debt in this country. How many readers are aware that practically every country on this planet has high amounts of debt and that a few countries have debt problems much worse than the USA? It is also a fact that the central banks in most countries with large economies have also pumped large amounts of money into their economies just as our Federal Reserve has done. It seems to me that Daniel G. Anderson is doing some dreaming while he is awake and making up facts as he would like them to be.

Arthur E. Sowers

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