Why Do People's Joints Ache When It Rains?

- Private group -
July 2, 2013

For the past few days our little town of Rehoboth Beach has been experiencing heavy winds and rain from a persistent storm system. Damp, rainy conditions such as these can prompt phone calls to my chiropractic office from people experiencing painful aching joints. Did you know that some people are actually able to forecast the weather based on their aching hip or aching knees? In fact, years ago ancient sailors often valued crew members who had the ability to detect weather changes based on how their joints felt.  Stormy weather is always accompanied with a low pressure system.

Some people are especially sensitive to fluctuations in humidity and low barometric pressure. They may get headaches, sinus pressure and joint pain with changes in the weather. Individuals with Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis are particularly sensitive because they already have inflammation in some of their joints. Any fluctuations in the surrounding environment will cause changes in the internal pressure inside the fluid-filled capsules of special joints in the body called synovial joints. Synovial joints are found in the following areas: the elbows, shoulders, knees, hips, spine, and the carpal bones of the wrist. These joints are also loaded with sensory receptors (nerve endings) that quickly convey pressure and pain signals to the brain.

Let us check your spine to make sure you are in perfect spinal alignment, not only for the rain but also for the sunshine!!

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