Want Something That Lasts More Than A Season?

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August 14, 2014

Are you tired of having to constantly replace the edging around your mulched areas?

We Have the Solution!

EdgeStone is a permanent, beautiful, high quality product that will never need to be replaced.

EdgeStone vs. Plastic and Metal Edging: What's the difference?

Plastic Edging
Easily Damaged by string trimmer or mower
Fades over time
Becomes Brittle over time
Kinks and falls over
Looks temporary
Can't hold back deep mulch application

Metal Edging
Easily damages string trimmer or mower tires/blades
Easily scratches
Fades over time
Rusts over time
Rubber cap comes off (freeze/thaw)
Can't hold back deep mulch application

Set in Concrete
Variety of colors
Variety of Sizes
Won't fall over
Holds Deep Mulch Applications

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