Cooking Channel special spotlights The Ice Cream Store July 14

Chip Hearn, owner of The Ice Cream Store, celebrates a successful May 9 shoot with the Stone Hill Productions film crew. Shown (l-r) are Amy Vanneman, Bill Ward, Peter Hayes, Hearn, Field Producer John McCally, and Thomas Healy. SOURCE SUBMITTED
July 12, 2013

Securing its rank among the most popular ice cream venues in the United States, The Ice Cream Store - already praised as one of the top seven ice cream dipping stores in the country by Reader’s Digest and named as home to one of the most inventive ice cream flavors in the country by Newsweek magazine - and its owner Chip Hearn, who the Associated Press referred to as the “ice cream maker extraordinaire,” are being featured in a key segment of “Ice Cream Nation,” a Cooking Channel special slated to air 8 p.m., Sunday July 14.


Producer Sheri Spitz of Suzie Films Production Company informed Hearn of her interest in his store and ice cream in April. Less than one month later, the film crew from Stone Hill Productions came to Rehoboth Beach to shoot during The Ice Cream Store’s Sixth Annual Ice Cream Social and Taste-Testing Contest - an event that drew more than 1,000 people who voted to choose the best new ice cream flavors for 2013.


“Being part of Ice Cream Nation has been amazing fun for me and my crew and the people here in Rehoboth Beach” said Hearn, adding that the young women on his staff will never let him forget that it was the flavor they created, My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Store, that took a strong third place in this year’s contest, behind first place winner Crack These Big Nuts and second place This Ish Is Off The Hook.


Describing the show, the Cooking Channel writes: “From coast to coast, from the top of the float to the bottom of the cone, America is one big “Ice Cream Nation”! This special celebrates everyone’s favorite all-American, cool treat, giving the scoop on the best, the craziest and classic ice cream shops across the country.”


“We can’t wait to see the show!” says Hearn.