SEA TO SHINING SEA: Into the heart of St. Louis

Becky was happy to get off the busy streets of St. Louis and under the city's famous arch for a photo. BY DENNIS FORNEY
July 10, 2013

DAY 57 - We made 40 miles today, picking our way along trails, pedaling over the Missouri River for the last of several times on this journey, and navigating a myriad of city streets that led to the famous arch symbolizing this city's status as the gateway to the nation's west.

Here are some photos from the last few days, since my internet connection is faster from this room in the classic and century-old Missouri Athletic Club.

Our total now is 2,182 miles.  Went to a ball game tonight. Cardinals walloped the struggling Houston Astros.  Even with weak competition, the fans turned out 45,000-plus for their beloved team.

"Cardinals baseball is the heartbeat of St. Louis," said Kyle, sitting next to me. We talked a lot.  He offered to take Becky and me on a tour of St. Louis tomorrow evening.  Very friendly and generous.  He's 25.  "I like talking with old people," he said.  I looked around and figured out he was talking about me.  He meant it in a flattering way.

We stood during the seventh-inning stretch.  My legs hollered out when they went into full-stretch position.  Sore.  Trail weary. We used to be low mileage.  Now we're getting to be high mileage.  I like being old.  I like being young.  I like being.  We were surrounded by lots of nice young people. Nice town, St. Louis.

Lots of work to do on Wednesday then we'll pedal on toward the northeast on Thursday.

Midweek again already.  Time flies like an arrow.  "Fruit flies like a banana," says Bruce.

Better wrap this up before tomorrow gets here and it will be time for another.

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