The Kitchen Matters.  Capstone Homes.

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July 11, 2013

If you're not a reader, let me cut to the chase:

Capstone Homes installs the best cabinets of any builder at our price.

That's the what. If you need to know the why, then here goes. As you know, you have many choices in Delaware builders. Capstone Homes is dedicated to providing the best new home value in any Delaware new home builder. ANY DELAWARE NEW HOME BUILDER How does Capstone Homes make such an outrageous claim? Easy. The Kitchen matters. It's the social center of the house. Every party in every house takes place in the kitchen. Check the standard cabinets of any builder of Delaware new homes. ANY builder- whether or not a Capstone Home is in the same price range or not, for it will not matter. If you look at builders who have homes in our price range or homes that are far more expensive, it will not matter. A standard Capstone cabinet will absolutely crush any other Delaware new home builder. Today's topic is just about the cabinet fronts. It isn't the whole story of Capstone's cabinets, but it's the part you see the most. So, a builder's standard cabinet is typically partial overlay, flat panel, oak cabinet. It looks a lot like this:

This is a basic cabinet. It's made of Oak. It has a flat panel, and it is a partial overlay front. Since there is space between the doors and drawers, most builder doesn't need to spend the money on knobs or pulls. This is a solid cabinet, but it is basic. It's what you'll get in your base price of most Delaware new homes.

It's hard to talk about a "luxury" home when you are installing apartment grade cabinets

It's not what you'll see in a Capstone Home. In our communities like Long Neck Shores, Holland Mills, or Cannery Village, you'll find a STANDARD cabinet that has a maple front, full overlay, with a great amount of detail. Capstone Homes is a different company, and we offer the best value of any new home builder. You kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home.

On the left is a STANDARD kitchen cabinet from Capstone Homes. It's maple. It's a full overlay cabinet, and it has detailed mouldings on the drawer and the door front. When it is installed in your new Capstone Home, it will have pulls. This is all included in the price. It's about value. That's the Capstone difference. There are three main things that factor into the cost of the cabinet front. 1. Wood species. The type of wood is a huge factor in cost. The least expensive wood that is commonly used in new home cabinets is Oak. Oak is inexpensive and very durable. Just about any species of wood can be used in cabinets, but Oak is where most Delaware new home builders start in price. Other common woods are Maple, Cherry, Ash, Spruce and Hickory. 2. Overlay. Overlay refers to the amount of the cabinet front that is covered by the drawer and the door. A partial overlay shows a substantial amount of the front of the cabinet box. A full overlay cabinet covers most of the box with the drawer and the door front. Partial overlay cabinets are typically less expensive than full overlay. If you were to look into the upgrades of new home builders in Delaware, you would find that full overlay cabinets are EXPENSIVE OPTIONS. 3. Detail. The amount of finish detail in the cabinets- flat panel, raised panel, trim- the more complicated the look of a cabinet, the more expensive. That's why most Delaware builders will typically start with a flat (also called recessed) panel as the standard kitchen.