SEA TO SHINING SEA: Cadillacking across America

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail is an amazing system designed to get people outside and active and enjoying the many cultural assets of the city. BY DENNIS FORNEY
July 16, 2013

DAY 63 - A shiny white 1960 Cadillac convertible, the kind that Dominick has to celebrate the founding year for Grotto Pizza, caught my eye today as we pedaled past a used-car lot.  Long as a freight train and as comfortable as a leather pit group, the car made me envision trading in our bicycles and rolling back into Sussex County with Sea To Shining Sea painted on both sides of the Caddy, along with a couple of flames.

Indiana has been good riding: long, rolling hills that give you enough momentum on the way down to get you more than half way back up the other side. That was west of Indianapolis.  On top of some of the rises, the skyscrapers of Indy looked like Oz beckoning us. After making our way through center city on the amazing Indianapolis Cultural Trail, we followed a series of bicycle trails and specially designated bicycling lanes out the east side of the city where the terrain flattened out.  We made 70 miles today with the temperature around 90 midday.  We averaged about 11 which testifies to the flatter terrain and a bit of a tailwind out of the south.

Tomorrow's a work day so we're hunkered down at a motel in Greenfield, Indiana.  Wednesday's riding should put us into Ohio.  We finally made it back into the Eastern Time Zone and I'm starting to imagine the subtle scent of salt in the air.  Soon the imagining will turn to reality.

I was saddened to hear of Gene Hazzard's passing.  What a good man: classic electrician.  Enjoyed his work, always a neat and clean appearance, methodical, kept the lights on. Gene installed a lightning rod system on the Cape Gazette building and I've never worried about thunderstorms for a moment.  His work was always first class.  Loved God, loved Rose and all his children and grandchildren. Another good person off the bus.  The way of life.

I hope you all accomplish worthwhile things this week.

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