Nothing but lies about proposed chicken plant

July 22, 2013

This is regarding the Allen Harim poultry processing plant, intended for the old Pinnacle Plant on Iron Branch Road in Millsboro.

From day one, we have been lied to, danced around with so called answers, and treated like we do not count.  We never knew about the meeting in Georgetown June 3 until the day of the meeting - only because someone came around with a flier.

This meeting was for the permit for potentially hazardous material.  We were told at this meeting there would only be 25 trucks, only to find out, the meeting of June 17, there would now be 87 trucks.  BIig difference! Or will it change again?

We were told that this would open up 700 jobs, only to find out that there website stated one-third of those jobs would be for South Koreans and after one year of labor in the facility, they would become legal citizens.  The next day, that was taken off of the website, HMMM!

We already have two Superfund sites and a cancer cluster in Millsboro.  The National Guard delivered water in 2005, when 1,200 residents’ water was contaminated from the making of poultry vaccines. Aren’t there enough problems already.  Take the chicken plant in the country where it can handle the 100 factory farms they want to use to supply the chickens to the processing plant, which we didn’t find out about until the 17th meeting.

A pickle plant and a chicken processing plant are two entirely different entities and should not even be compared, which they did.  They should not be allowed to transfer permits, which they are trying to do.  These is just a few concerns I have and a few of the misleading information we have been told.  I could write a 10-page letter, but I have to keep this short to be printed.

We do not want the chicken plant - take it somewhere else.

I have an idea; put in in there front yard, not ours!

Cindy Wilton

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