SEA TO SHINING SEA: Getting it all figured out

Bicycle Bob intercepted us at the McDonald's in downtown London, Ohio.  He led us out of town to another trailhead all the while giving some town history and highlights.  "This is where my family has lived for four generations," he said as we rolled through the tree-lined streets of a residential area. "I guess you've lived here pretty much all your life," I said.  "Not yet," he said.  Out on the trail he showed us a blue heron rookery.  "There were 17 active nests there just a few weeks back." Another one of the great trail characters that have been so helpful. BY DENNIS FORNEY
July 21, 2013

DAY 67&68 - July 19&20 in the year of our Lord, 2013 - I felt bad mentioning Highway 61 and not giving the lyrics from the Dylan song that Phil quoted back in Dayton. My brother-in-law Pat quoted them to me again today, so I figured three's a charm, so here you go:

"Oh, God said to Abraham, 'Kill me a son' Abe says, 'Man you must be puttin' me on' God says, 'No,' Abe say 'What?' God say 'You can do what you want Abe but The next time you see me comin' you better run'
Well Abe said, 'Where do you want this killin' done?'
God say, 'Out on Highway 61'" - Bob Dylan

Yesterday between Xenia and London we crossed paths with Chris and LeAnn, out for a Friday ride on some of the Miami Valley trails.  Conversation led to common ground, as it often does. Chris's brother, Joe, works for the college in Lewes.  Chris will be headed that way for a visit in August.  We might cross paths again.

Now we're in familiarity range.  A woman in Xenia saw my lime green Bike To Go Rehoboth Beach shirt.  "I have a place in Canal Corkan," she said.  When she found out I'm associated with the Cape Gazette, she offered a suggestion.  "I'm a yard sailer.  You have a great yard sale section but the sales should be grouped by the towns they're in.  That would be helpful."

Reader suggestions from Xenia, Ohio.  Loving it.

We're on our way toward Steubenville, Ohio over the next couple of days. LeAnn said we will be going through Ohio's Amish country.  More beautiful farms, I'm sure.

In the past week, we were finally able to access Google's bicycling route suggestions on our iPhones. Google's quick to advise the suggested routes are in beta (developmental mode) and they give all kinds of warnings, but, still, I have to say they're pretty amazing. We ran into a couple of glitches today between Columbus and Newark but for the most part the clearly spoken directions - turn-by-turn - from a female voice made it easy for us to navigate everyything from four-lane highways to trails to neighborhood streets. I didn't expect the maps to know there was construction on the Oltangey River trail as it passes by the colossal Ohio State Stadium (seats 105,000) which required a detour. And occasionally trails on the drawing board - but not yet on the ground - make it onto the bicycling maps which leaves you scratching your head.  Still, today, chased by thunderstorms, and trying to time our way between cells, it was a lot easier listening for Googlina's directions than it would have been stopping to look at a map.

Tomorrow's route will hook us up with Route 36.  A Harley rider back in Indiana said Route 36 goes almost all the way across the US, is lightly traveled and makes for a good ride.  It will be fun to see it firsthand. Don't see Highway 61 in the picture.  Cain and Abel.  Steinbeck's East of Eden.  Maybe my favorite novel of all time.  Free will.

Enough of the verbiage.  Saturday night. Love to all. Here are some images from the last couple of days.

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