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July 28, 2013

Sandra from Rehoboth wrote to tell me about an item she read in the AARP newsletter about raising chickens as a hobby or as pets. A company has come up with diapers for chickens, ducks and geese. I thought she was pulling my leg, but she invited me to the Hen Holster website. I am not making this up. “The patent-pending Hen Holster combines a comfortable harness design with a well-fitting diaper that contains a leak-proof, reusable inner pocket. The shape of the Hen Holster channels droppings away from your bird, even when your pet is perching or lying down. Available in two styles: Wrap-around and Bikini! The D-ring on the back enables you to easily connect a leash to take your chicken for a walk.” Sandra says she hopes to see someone walking their goose on the Rehoboth Boardwalk.

Now before you make judgments about Sandra or chickens, let me say she is the only person who took the time to write to me at and tell me anything at all, and I appreciate her so very much.

I am not much for newsletters, but I enjoy reading the miscellaneous columns in the classified section of the Cape Gazette. For example, last week I noted a beige lamp with a three-way switch for sale and 25 sheets of perforated soffits. Also a pair of Howard Schroeder paintings of aircraft for a mere $9,500 can be mine. Did you know there are people looking to buy pipe furniture? Someone is selling fighting chairs, and I want to know if two bickering retirees come with them or if they cost less without old people. Perhaps readers might like to share the purchases they found in the classifieds?

Still think trying new things is the best way to find happiness. Rayquest and I attended our first bingo game ever at the Indian River Senior Center, and we enjoyed ourselves. At least for the first two hours anyway. The games began at 7 p.m. and ended at 10:15. Don’t they know that seniors are in bed at 9:30 or 10? There are pre-games, intermission games and make up your own board games. We are such newbies that we had to purchase two ink bottles for stamping. I didn’t know! The first thing we did was upright those babies and stamp the free space on about 25 pages of newsprint. Rayquest, who gripes that he has never won anything in his entire life (he hasn’t), won $20. Oh, the joy I felt when that man yelled bingo for the entire community to hear. When we got home we had something to talk about.

“Do you think they can make any money selling hamburgers for $2?”

“I am not sure. They had a lot of items on the fix-up bar. Pickles, relish, onion and tomatoes. That had to cost them.”

“That man next to us was really nice. They invited us to come back and bring some friends. Maybe we should ask our Saketumi happy hour friends?”

Think you have nothing important to share and that Sandra has raised the bar too high? Can I hear from at least three new readers this week? Your stories are important to all of us. Write to

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