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July 23, 2013

Even though a day at the beach can be quite enjoyable, cleaning your home and belongings afterwards can be a challenge.

We all try to brush off our sandy beach belongings before we get into the car or take that walk home from the beach, but unfortunately it never all seems to come off. When you arrive to your destination any sandy remnants should be washed off right away for sand can scratch your hard flooring and make a mess of other areas in your home. I don’t know about you, but I find the hose sometimes just does not cut it, there still seems to be a dirty ring around my cooler and beach toys. I like to use my portable handheld steamer to blast the gunk off. Not only is this cleaning away the sand and dirt, it is also sanitizing the items, which is great because bacteria like E. coli and Enterococci -which can cause unwanted bowel movements, can live and grow in the ocean sand and water. Disgusting right?

Some sand will make its way into your home, especially if you have a pet or a child. One place that sand can collect is your carpet. Why not just leave it there until you vacuum next? Well, sand can cause your carpet to look dirty and filthy which can affect its appearance.  Not really what you want to happen, so make sure you take care of it right away. If you vacuum as soon as you notice the sand, you have the best chance to remove it easily without any problems. Putting it off will only allow the sand to settle deeper into the carpet making it harder to remove and can cause build up that will eventually lead to carpet damage.

Besides sand, another unwanted thing that can make its way into your home is sand fleas. That’s right, sand fleas. They are flea like parasites that can bite painfully and deeply. They feed in the morning or late at night and during the day they like to reside in the warm sands. Sand fleas are mostly common in coastal areas but can also be found in creeks, lakes and rotting vegetables. These little buggers can easily be brought into your home by mistake; they can attach themselves to your clothes and towels. Use your steam cleaner to clean and sanitize surfaces like beds and bedding, couches, carpets, even pet beds because sand fleas can also live off of your pets.

If you live in a coastal area, exposure to humidity and salt can leave your windows cloudy and dirty looking. Regular cleaning inside and out can help with this problem. Your chemical free portable handheld steamer is a great appliance to use for this cleaning task.

In addition your windows and carpets, sand can accumulate in your washing machine. Try your best to shake off any sand on your clothes and towels. If you find sand in your washing machine tub, you can use a rag with a vinegar and water solution to wipe the insides. Toothbrushes and cotton swabs work great for hard to reach crevices. If there is an excessive amount of sand, you can use your vacuum with a soft bristle brush attachment to remove it. To deodorize your washing machine from that musty, sandy smell, you can run a cup of vinegar or some baking soda through the washing machine’s rinse cycle.

Hopefully this is useful information for those living in coastal areas and have beach homes.


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