Lewes resident de Kuyper pleads guilty to gun charge

Faces a year in jail
July 23, 2013
Scott de Kuyper pleaded guilty to a gun charge July 17. SOURCE FILE

Lewes resident Scott de Kuyper pleaded guilty July 17 to a gun charge for bringing a handgun to a Manhattan courthouse in 2012.

De Kuyper pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted possession of a weapon, said a spokesman for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.

The charge carries a sentence of one year in jail, she said. De Kuyper will be sentenced Thursday, Sept. 5.

In 2012, de Kuyper appeared at a Manhattan courthouse to face charges following an Occupy Wall Street rally Oct. 15. Court records stated de Kuyper tried to tear an officer's badge off his uniform. He was charged with fourth-degree attempted grand larceny, second-degree obstruction of governmental administration, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

When de Kuyper arrived at the courthouse in February 2012 for a hearing on those charges, he was arrested because his backpack contained a handgun and ammunition.

De Kuyper's attorney Simon Gideon could not be reached for comment on de Kuyper's original charges or his recent plea.

In a previous interview, Gideon said de Kuyper has stage IV thyroid cancer; he blamed de Kuyper's lapse in judgment on a synthetic thyroid hormone de Kuyper took to treat the cancer.

De Kuyper had been out on $50,000 bail; he could not be reached for comment.