Margaret McFarlane of Milton celebrates 99th birthday at The Buttery

July 24, 2013
Margaret McFarlane of Milton enjoys her 99th birthday at The Buttery in Lewes.

Margaret McFarlane of Milton recently celebrated her 99th birthday with family and friends at The Buttery in Lewes. In the past she has celebrated her 95th, 96th, 97th, 98th and now her 99th birthday at the restaurant and is looking forward to the 100th.

This is the same lady whose picture appeared in the Cape Gazette Feb. 23, 2010 and she was the "weather picture" of the week.  She was shoveling snow in her son's driveway after the big blizzard of February, 2010. After that picture was published, many asked her son why his mother was shoveling and not him, and his reply was that she did not know how to work the digital camera, but did know how to operate the snow shovel.