Top Organizing Tips for Closets

- Private group -
July 26, 2013

1. Simplify.

Remember this rule: if you haven’t worn it in over a year- donate it.  Okay that is a lot easier said than done for me- but I can tell you how great it feels to clear out and make space in my closet (for possible new items?) and  it gives other people a chance to buy clothing. Remember you can also take those hardly worn items to a local consignment shop to cash in for a little extra spending money!

2. Color Coordinate

It may sound a touch OCD but trust me- it will save you a ton of time! I have been color coordinating my wardrobe since the day I started to dress myself and it has been a practice that I have found really helpful when choosing what to wear. When you have your clothes hung up in similar color and style then you know right where they are ! I usually put the more basic colors (black, white, and grey) up front for easy access. It makes matching clothes a breeze!

3. Hang….but WITHOUT wire hangers.

You can hang just about everything!!!  With the exception of knits and sweaters!  It is better for those items to be folded somewhere in your closet!

And TOSS OUT YOUR WIRE HANGERS! It was the first thing I got rid of when my husband and I got married and he brought home all his clothes with wire hangers! (I think he questioned who he just married there for a moment) But wire hangers should only be used for roasting marshmallows or fishing something out of the toilet! That is it! Not to mention that they are  really hard on your clothes and are not meant for long time use.

3. Invest in organizing containers.

Here are some ideas.

I found this at Target and found it to make a great organizer for my tights and leggings.

4. Keep everything at eye level.

I am not exactly very tall and find if I put something high up on a shelf where I don’t see it- I forget it’s there! Save that out -of-reach space for storing out-of-season clothing instead. I like to keep my jeans and t-shirts folded at eye level for an easy view.

5. Keep tabs of your favorites.

If you are the type of person who has a hard time deciding what to wear or knowing how to match your clothing- try  grouping your favorite outfits together and hang it up in a part of your closet where they are easily accessible. Then you can pre-plan for special events or for busy days.