Welcome to our Brand New Techo Bloc Display!!

Techo Bloc Displaying showing off Techos state of the art wall system and new paver stones!!
- Private group -
July 30, 2013

We have been waiting for months and it is finally here!  Plant Retrievers New Techo Bloc display!!

Come and see why Techo Bloc truly is the Lambourgini of Pavers and Walls.

We have in stock almost all types of pavers and walls from Techo!  Between our network of suppliers of nursery stock and our ability to handle large and small jobs we never make you wait for your products or samples!!

Homeowners do not buy Pavers until you come visit our Displays of both Techo and Cambridge.  We can help you and your installer with ideas and product choice.


We also carry spikes, edging, polymeric sand!

Tools by OX including Levels, tape measurers, and saw blades to make all your precision cuts!!