We the people have spoken on RV park

August 9, 2013

On rare occasions, a majority of citizens come together to voice their opposition to a proposed action by a government entity which impacts their lives in a prolonged and negative way. Citizens can detect the realistic effects of a government action despite the rhetoric that is used. This is the case with the proposed RV camp at Love Creek.

A huge number of the population of Lewes has signed a petition against the proposed campground.  The meeting hall is packed with citizens when the proposed RV Camp at Love Creek is on the agenda.  And, the Cape Gazette has published many letters to the editor voicing opposition to the campground based on analysis of the detrimental environmental effect of the campground on the surrounding area, the loss of revenue for the county and its fiscal operating budget, and the perpetual gridlock which will be experienced on two lane roads which can barely handle the traffic now.

How does a county/state which promotes protection of the environment and encourages bicycling, tourism and a small town atmosphere, advocate a development which so directly opposes these basic benefits of living in Sussex County?  Where is the clamor for spaces at campground locations?  This development is not based on a dire need for more campgrounds.  Wouldn’t it be better for the developers/owners to provide a service for their neighbors and residents of the Lewes/Rehoboth area?  It doesn’t take long for a new resident here to see that there are many beneficial, financial endeavors that could benefit the entire population. I fear that the gridlock and congestion that we moved away from is coming to Sussex County very quickly, bringing with it many negative and costly aspects.

I think the only reason that the letters in opposition to the campground have slowed down is because we are repeating the same valid reasons for not wanting the RV campground to be built in a residential area bound by small, winding roads not built for recreational vehicles. At the P&Z meetings, we were directed to say “ditto,” if we agreed with the speaker voicing opposition to the campground. How many letters does it take to say, “ditto, we don’t want the RV campground built?”

Hopefully, the planning and zoning commission as well as county council will listen to the will and voice of the people and vote against the RV campground.

Susan K. Boyle
Retreat at Love Creek

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