Milton: A house divided cannot stand

August 9, 2013

I may be in a minority of one; however, I do not think so.  In my beautiful HOA neighborhood of Milton, Cannery Village, I have long reminded neighbors that, yes, we are in fact, an integrated part of our Town of Milton and again, our accurate designation is “an HOA neighborhood in Milton.”  And clearly, we are not unlike other Milton neighborhoods although we do indeed share certain commonalities with other Milton HOA neighborhoods such as Heritage Creek and Wagamons.

In addition, I have always been a proponent of shop locally, and like other neighbors across town, I have hailed new businesses and shared the word on all the wonderful events and celebrations our terrific little town hosts, not to mention endorsing the good works of all the wonderful churches and civic organizations that help to make it all happen here in Milton.  And this includes folks from elected representatives, municipal workers, our volunteer fire department members and the wealth of volunteerism, right down to everyday citizens who simply want to see their town moved forward in positive ways.  And all of these good taxpaying citizens come from all of Milton’s neighborhoods and each must be counted as equal - neighbor to neighbor and neighborhood to neighborhood.

I note all of the above for this simple reason:  Any neighbor, no matter his or her community station or standing, who works to pit one neighbor against another or one neighborhood against another, is in my opinion, exercising a serious disservice to the community at large.  First and foremost, we must be about excellent neighborhoods and therein work for outcomes that safeguard Milton’s quality of life throughout our entire town.

Lincoln said it best: “A house divided cannot stand.”  And so it is true for towns and their neighborhoods and all across America.  This is true too for the nation itself as was proved in The Great War, not to mention the very contemporary word ‘gridlock.’  It is also true for the community of nations and nothing could be more plain.  And in Milton or any town, when any neighborhood is in trouble or has challenges that in any way jeopardize the health and safety of any of its respective neighbors - all taxpaying citizens - or the quality of life in a neighborhood for that matter, the whole of a town must come together.  No finger-pointing.  No exclamations of, “Yes, but your neighborhood is getting something my neighborhood isn’t . . .”

All such utter nonsense and likewise nonsensical utterances, breed only divisiveness and should any citizen stand for it, then collectively we can watch our lovely “house,” the town we call home, fail.

Jeff Dailey

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