Want to Save Money and Time on your next Landscape and Hardscape Jobs ????  READ ON !!!

Plant Retrievers enclosed and shelved delivery trailer BY MIKE WICK
- Private group -
August 8, 2013

Did you know that Plant Retrievers Wholesale Nursery can and does deliver everything we sell?

Why not have all your Plants, Pavers, Walls,  Edging, Glue, Spikes, Lighting all delivered to your job in one shot?

Just think of how much time you could save yourself by letting us drop everything you need off anywhere!!

Do the Math by the time you drive here and back to your job you've lost hours, but if we deliver you can keep your crew running or start the day off with everything you need!!

We have the following delivery trucks to make things happen:

Tractor Trailer with Piggy Back!!

Six wheel stake body dump/ drop deck  with deck over trailer!!

Pick up truck!!

Shelved enclosed Trailer!!

So you see from large to small we can handle all your job site needs

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