Jiffy Lube Lewes partnering with MDA to raise funds to help many!

- Private group -
August 11, 2013

This a picture of Aly! Our Goodwill Ambassador for MDA in Delaware and we are hoping to have her visit our Jiffy Lube in Lewes.  This is just one person that the MDA coupon book donations are going to be helping.  Thank you to the public for their generosity with purchasing the books until 2 Sept 2013. We hope it brings a lot of positives for the MDA.  You are making a difference!

A $3 dollar donation for a coupon book will get you $100 dollars in savings with Jiffy Lube services.   Coupons can be used instantly upon purchase same date.    Offer avail until 2 Sept 2013.  Coupons can be used for one year.   Stop by Jiffy Lube Lewes and ask about our involvement with MDA today!