Black Girls Run adds color and characters to Dewey race

Members of the Delaware Chapter of Black Girls Run gather in Dewey for a 5K and 10K. In back (l-r) are Lisa Johnson, Kelly S. Shelton, Lenita Green, Twinez Thompson, Nancy Ryle, Elizabeth Gee, LaWhan Yancy, Damalia Thomas, Tamara Cherese, Gloria Carruth-Meade, Elizabeth Sadler-Boyer, Felicia Collins and Mickey Harris. In front are Delaware Ambassador Lorraine Williams, Shadette Brittingham, Aurelia Lyles, Delaware Ambassador LaWhan Blackett, Kelly Marie Kirlin, Kanani Hines and Delaware Ambassador Dawn Angelique Roberts. BY DAVE FREDERICK
August 13, 2013

Black Girls Run - I know Black Girls Run. I’ve seen the T-shirts, and if I had a double X one in my closet, I’d yell at the cat, “Get off!” and wear it because that would be cool. The BGR “preserve the sexy” movement was founded in 2009 by Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks to lower the percentage of Afro-American women with chronic diseases associated with an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle. The girls who ran last Saturday in the Dewey Highway One 5K or 10K are all from Delaware. I found it an incorrect assumption that all black girls who run are members of the Black Girls Run movement. I also discovered that not all BGR members run in all races, and some bike to offer support to others. I do know that fun and inspiration were in the house of harriers (runners). There was harmony and diversity, and veteran runners seemed pleased that a new group had chosen the sport of running as a path to fitness.

Perplexed and befuddled - The Big League Delaware District 3 softball team won the World Series over Puerto Rico 11-6 down to Roxana. The game was broadcast on ESPN. And really I thought the District 3 Senior League team would be right there with them but they got stymied by Italy 1-0 in the semifinals. There were 10 teams in the Big League tournament and 10 in the Senior League tournament. A team from Milford won the USA East Regional tournament and headed into the World Series with a record of 12-0 before going 1-3 in Roxana. The Henlopen Conference was all over this tournament, and I’m not sure what that means. College coaches weren’t rimming the field at the World Series the way they do at USA travel tournaments, and I don’t get that either. And I don’t understand why no Delaware girls are on the University of Delaware roster, a team ranked 150 on the NCAA website. Delaware State was 22-35 in 2013. Several athletes from Delaware are on the Delaware State roster but the 2013 lineup has already been cleared from the school website.

No interest moans - I would rather watch a mystery on public television than a preseason football game on the NFL network. I watched enough of the New England at Philly game to know that at 67 I could play nose tackle for the Eagles. Exactly how much skill does it take to burrow and protect your turf? Fred weight to dead weight I don’t see as a problem. And Tom Brady is the best because he competes on every play, and he can throw the heck out of the football. I watched the PGA and was rooting for Jason Dufner to win and after he did and grabbed his wife’s butt cheek I knew the video and photo would explode for the mindless masses of repressed duffers who have a Big Bertha club in the golf bag. You had to notice that Cialis was the major sponsor of the PGA tournament. The advertisers know the demographic. I think a Cialis blimp that floats above a major tournament casting a shadow over the putting green while playing the theme from "Jaws" would be incredibly and extraordinarily amusing in a British humor sort of way.

Snippets - Local Lance Fargo from Ocean View is the Clydesdale National Champion triathlete for Olympic distance, an honor won last weekend as part of the two-day USA Triathlon Age Group National Championship held in Milwaulkee, Wis. There were 28 age groups and 2,700 athletes. The course was a 1.5-kilometer swim, 40-kilometer bike and 10-kilometer run. Lance won the 40+ Clydesdale in 2:21:40. Kevin Danahy helped coach Lance especially for the bike phase. Fargo also plays the electric blue guitar; the boy is just flat-out bad.

Bryen O’Boyle flew solo after the Free to Breathe 5K at Cape Aug. 11. The lead singer for Mr. Greengenes, a Phiily boy by way of Chichester High, looks like an Extreme Games athlete who puts all his quick-twitch muscle fibers into every song. Bryen rocked the high notes with such clarity, beagles from surrounding developments howled "Born to Be Wild" into their L.L. Bean doggie beds. Fall sports practices start Aug. 15. “You ain’t got no physical?” Ain’t no coach ready to hear that. Be ready to roll. Go on now, git!

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