Tour of AdvoServ facility denied

August 16, 2013

AdvoServ did not respond to the Cape Gazette's request for a tour. On March 25, Cape's Sandi Minard asked Superintendent Robert Fulton to schedule a tour of AdvoServ to include a Cape Gazette reporter. She also asked for a complete breakdown of tuition costs for the Cape students who attend AdvoServ.

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A tour was scheduled April 10, but at the last minute Cape officials refused to let the Cape Gazette join the tour. When questioned why the Cape Gazette was not allowed to take the long-planned AdvoServ tour, Fulton said he had understood the Cape Gazette would not attend. He later apologized and said he misread an email from Minard. However, he would not allow the Cape Gazette on the tour because he said it was inappropriate.

"If the Cape Gazette wants to go on a tour, then you can make your own arrangements," he said. "I think it's unfair to bring the media to another school or organization."

Minard went on the tour as scheduled and said AdvoServ obviously had been informed about the previous plan to include the media. Before the tour started, she said, the tour guide told her they do not give media tours because they've been burned in the past.

Minard also said Fulton's refusal to allow the Cape Gazette to join the tour was disappointing because it suggests a lack of transparency.

"When we can't share information, it may seem like we're hiding something," she said.