USDA forecasts record high Delaware and Maryland corn yield

August 20, 2013

The 2013 growing season has delivered close to optimal yield conditions for Maryland and Delaware corn and soybean farmers. Frequent precipitation during May, June and July occurred across most areas of the two states.

A prolonged period of high summer temperatures coupled with lack of rainfall has not occurred this year as it normally does. Corn, due to an earlier planting period than soybeans, has benefited the most with record-high yields forecast. Soybean yield in both states is also projected at a near record high level as of Aug. 1, but additional rains in August and September will be needed to realize those high yield levels.

Delaware farmers report they expect corn fields to produce an average of 165 bushels per acre in 2013, up 30 bushels per acre from 2012 and three bushels higher than the previous state record high yield of 162 bushels per acre in 2000. With 174,000 acres expected to be harvested for grain, total corn production is estimated at 28.7 million bushels.

Soybeans are expected to yield 40 bushels per acre, down 2.5 bushels per acre from 2012. Soybeans are expected to be harvested from 158,000 acres for a total production of 6.3 million bushels. The forecast yield of 40 bushels compares with the state record high yield of 43 bushels in 2000.

United States corn production is forecast at a record high 13.76 billion bushels, up 28 percent from 2012. Soybean production is forecast at 3.26 billion bushels, up 8 percent from last year.