Sen. Lopez listens to constituents

August 23, 2013

It is with a great deal of pride that my husband and I live in the 6th Senatorial District, represented by Sen. Ernie Lopez. Sen. Lopez has the interest of his constituents at heart and is readily available to listen to their thoughts and concerns. While we have spoken to Sen. Lopez on several issues, we have not agreed 100 percent; however, he articulated in great detail the reasons for his votes. We agreed to disagree, but we respected his position because he was thoughtful and provided good reasons for his votes.

We recently heard Dr. Ben Carson, the world-recognized neurosurgeon, speak. In his speech he said that if two people agree 100 percent of the time, one of them is not necessary. We should not condemn the person representing us simply because he does not vote 100 percent in agreement with us. Disagreement is the basis of our government.

While Sen. Lopez listens and takes into consideration his constituents' positions, he ultimately is the person who has to cast the vote and wrestle with his conscience. We firmly believe he takes all views into consideration, votes accordingly, and does not bend to the popular belief.

We would urge those residents of the 6th Senatorial District to contact Sen. Lopez and let him know your points of view on issues before our General Assembly. He will listen to those points, and after listening to his constituents' concerns, he will cast his votes based on his moral principles and the views of the residents of the 6th Senatorial District.

Diana and Micheal Robertson

Rehoboth Beach


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