Suggestions on Route 1 improvements

August 21, 2013

Further to your lead on the Aug. 9 edition about Delaware Route 1 traffic, I write as a Marylander who comes your way often, and who dreads weekend Route 1 traffic. I suggest the planners consider a definition of the problem that incorporates the fact that the road is forced to serve two purposes: both local and through traffic. These need to be separated.

I commend to the planners a brief visit to U.S. 50 as it traverses Kent Island, and the fly-overs that separate local from through traffic, and eliminate traffic lights. Finally, observing the significant Delaware tolls on I-95, and on the twin bridges over the Delaware River, Delaware could install a system like that on the InterCounty Connector in suburban Maryland, that taps E-ZPass and its equivalents for paying significant portions of the road's costs. For a Route 1 that in fact enabled through traffic, travelers would very likely be willing to pay the toll.

Kendrick Lee
Silver Spring, Md. and Milton

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