Boyle warns against Anderson's ideas

September 2, 2013

Daniel G. Anderson continues to harp about his hero Ronald Reagan’s vision of the ”shining city on an American hill.” He does this in his weekly diatribe-laced paid advertisements in this paper. Filled with Fox News talking points, hooey and outright lies, it’s hard for me to think that anyone could possibly take him seriously. Being the Anderson of Anderson-Stokes, the developers of the North Shores area in Rehoboth, I’m sure he already lives in the shining city as part of the 2 percent.

With multiple residential addresses including Chevy Chase, Md., and Rehoboth Beach, and since 2000 donating over $200,000 [] to Republican causes, I don’t think he is one of us in the 98 percent. I figure his paid ad last week cost $561.90, with 1,252 words at the paper's paid ad rate of $7.50 for the first 20, and 1,232 words at 45 cents each. It is 64 weeks until the next election, so at this rate he will spend another $35,961.60 on ads in just this paper, let alone the others that carry his ads. While I can believe the papers love this guy, I can’t believe he has any real concern for us regular people.

I really had to shake my head at Anderson’s assessment of energy in this country. I’m sure he believes there is such a thing as “clean coal.” He says, “Obama has declared war on coal, and we have been forced to import a large part of our oil.” Truth is, lower-priced natural gas is replacing coal, and we imported a large part of our oil long before Obama’s tenure. He says, “Now comes the great white knight! Fracking is essentially horizontal drilling.” Truth is, fracking is pumping unknown chemicals underground under high pressure to fracture ground rock to let gas and oil flow to a drilled well. These chemicals remain in the ground to pollute our water.

He says, “fracking process to provide us energy for a thousand years.” Really a thousand, is that hyperbole? Truth is, while fracking is and will be great for big oil and gas, the only thing the American public can expect from it is their own good fracking with no kiss. He says, “Unquestionably, the cost of your energy and ours will go down substantially.” What planet does this man live on? Truth is, the Delaware City Refinery has been receiving “cheaper” oil by rail from South Dakota and Canada for the last six months, so by now you would think we would see a price reduction.

Yet Aug. 22 I saw the price for diesel rise 13 cents at a station that receives its supply from Delaware City. Any savings between what any refinery pays for foreign and domestic crude is retained by the refinery as their profit. The refineries set the price for their products, and it has precious little to do with supply. The Great Lakes could be full of crude oil and the pump price would remain just as high. Does Anderson not know that the U.S. is not a part of OPEC, and our U.S. oil companies could price their oil at $1 a barrel if they so choose? The only figure the U.S. oil companies use worldwide to price a barrel of oil is the one OPEC sets. Why do they treat us this way? Because they can.

If Mr. Anderson is so worried about our energy supply, why doesn’t he advocate for the ownership of the oil and gas under our country being taken from the heartless multinational oil companies and given to us, the citizens of this country? Let me tell you why, because when the price of energy went down, so would his portfolio. Now we come to the real reason Mr. Anderson is willing to spend so much money on paid advertisements and political donations.

Oh, how he tries to befriend us and convince us to believe he has our interest at heart. What he really wants is our votes for his candidates. Remember his suggestions as to who we should vote for before the 2012 election? These are people like Michele Bachman, Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, and other tea party types who profess to hate ”big government.

Of course they do this while suckling at the nipples of this same big government in the form of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and many other programs. He will spend thousands to convince you to elect these candidates and donate many more thousands to their campaigns because if elected they will protect his wealth.

They will ensure both him and his heirs have a permanent residence in the shining city and a guarantee for them to pay a lower tax rate than you or I. Beware of this charlatan, for he is surely selling snake oil.

William Boyle

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