Wright supports civility, good press in Dewey

August 29, 2013

I think it is great that people differ in opinions and express them. It often brings a new light to an issue on the table and is a valuable input.

As a former elected official in Dewey Beach, I know firsthand how passionate opinions can lead to out-of-control anger by individuals with letters to the editor that attack, only giving partial facts. A diversion I suspect which is often meant to incite rather than express an opinion.

Many of the recent letters about residents paying more in Dewey Beach are being written by people who pay nothing toward the town services. They personally use their house even if it is only for the summer, and they have off-street parking. They don’t purchase a rental license or a parking permit. These “residents” and their guests still use all the town services and frequent the commercial establishments. Interesting calculations when it’s declared that the residents pay more and this group is not counted.

I suspect most rentals in Dewey Beach are a result of the town’s services and the commercial establishments. It all works together. Those property owners who rent pay approximately $300 for a license fee and bring in approximately $20,000-plus on their rental property. Perhaps they should pay a gross percent tax based on their income.

It is a relief to not have to endure another heated election with attacks on sincere individuals who volunteer to serve the community. It is a relief to not have to endure the many negative mailings to property owners. It is a relief not to have issues created just for establishing sides for certain individuals to be voted into office. It is a relief when council wants to review an issue, address it in an educated way and try to avoid unnecessary legal expenses.

While it makes good press to have a good fight going on, and I expect several letters to follow attacking me personally, I invite people to behave in a civil manner and help bring some good press back to little ole Dewey Beach, a town we all love.

Pat Wright

Former mayor and commissioner for a total of six years

Dewey and Rehoboth Beach property owner

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