Anti-RV park letter misinterpreted

August 29, 2013

As a resident of Ward Road near Lewes, I have been keeping up with the whole RV City issue. After reading Mr. Lewis Newman's comments on your website, I am just shocked!

Mr. the letter by William Baydalla, I found in no way, shape or form where he supported an RV Park in the Massey's Landing area! What I did find was where he quoted Commissioner Michael Johnson saying that the Massey's area was a "good fit." Yet, you say that Mr. Baydalla is "off base." Amazing! Am I reading the same thing?

This is why "reading comprehension" should remain a big part of our school systems...apparently it is needed.

Moving on...several months ago there was a front page article about this Love Creek Park in the Gazette. In the very same paper, there was a picture in the business section of some principals of JG Townsend (who happens to own the Love Creek property) presenting a check for over $200,000 to the state of Delaware for the "preservation of open forest land" Redden State Forest. The state was very appreciative, as far as the article said. I bet they were!

I smell more than hypocrisy here. Time for some thinking people!

Mike Courtney


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