America should concentrate on its own issues

September 9, 2013

My comments below stem from an article published by Dmitry Minin, Global Research, June 3, "The Geopolitics of Gas and the Syrian Crisis." Is this Syria conflict problem, from an American’s view, going to be necessarily beneficial to all America/Americans, and how necessary and why?

Problem creation seems to be the never-ending solution in this nation under the current administration and “fuel” for distraction to ongoing unanswered questions already just as serious if not more serious as this?

Rising unemployment, soaring healthcare costs, national deficit, fiat currency, millions on welfare, unwanted illegal immigration, more jobs, overcrowded prisons, increasing burdens on the middle class and small business, rising fuel prices, tax increases, more gun control not crime control, Benghazi, IRS attacks, common core education, the list just goes on and on?

History itself records there have been numerous "humanitarian" causes in the past and countless pursuits taken on by our "fearless" leaders all for the cause of "democracy", only to further the cause of total control over those being "governed" while not listening to or even respecting the cries coming from the “governed” nor choosing to obtain consent rightfully from those in place under the "governed".

Starting or even winning a war is not how one "proves" matters of ethics and principles. If brute force is the measure of virtue and correctness then why do we even have laws and juries? Issues of morality and constitutional law cannot be judged by “barbaric” methods. Only tyrants would ever subscribe to these methods? Sentiment, morals, laws, lives don't really matter that much when profit is at stake? Something really smells here!

Robert Duff

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